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    Outdoor Speakers

    Take It Outside!

    Today’s outdoor speakers are more versatile than ever and offer many ways to bring your favorite tunes to the backyard, pool, or patio. Designed for the difficult acoustics that exterior spaces present, the best outdoor speakers include reinforced, weatherproof enclosures that withstand inclement weather and include components that compensate for the fact that outdoor environments don’t have walls and ceilings to reflect sound waves. Choosing the right outdoor speakers depends on the size and layout of your space. Large backyards can benefit from outdoor speakers with 8” woofers and 200W of power handling, while a pair of 5.25” 100W rock speakers may be just the right fit for smaller yards. Weather-proof surface-mount patio speakers provide great sound quality, and when mounted under eaves, can last for years. If you don’t want to dig up the yard to run cable, consider weather-proof wireless  Bluetooth speakers. Other options include planter speakers that function as actual planters as well as all-weather subwoofers that take up the bass and provide a full surround sound experience even in the great outdoors.

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