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    Commercial 70V

    Go Long and High with 70V Systems

    If the job requires a lot of speakers and long wire runs, consider purchasing a 70V system. This configuration is ideal for theme parks, schools, restaurants, malls, and other large venues and allows integrators to design complex audio systems without the risk of signal degradation or amp overload. Outdoor Speaker Depot is a one-stop-shop for 70V systems with a wide selection of speakers, amplifiers, speaker selectors, and volume controls. Our indoor in-ceiling 70V speaker and hanging pendent speakers feature dual 70/25V transformers and are designed with sophisticated crossover networks for better bass, clarity, and highs. We also offer feature-rich 70V commercial amplifiers with multiple input options and front-mounted control knobs to dial in the perfect tone and decibel level. Our Decora-style 70V volume controls include thru-output connections for easy daisy-chaining and provide excellent frequency response, low insertion loss, and reliable performance. We also have you covered for outdoor applications with a line of 70V patio and pendent speakers that produce high-quality sound and are built to withstand tough weather conditions.

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