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    Commercial 70V Speaker Selectors

    Control without Overload

    Speakers selectors are nifty devices that draw power from the amplifier and then split the audio signal so you can have the same source playing into different rooms, control the volume, and switch the zones on and off. Outdoor Speaker Depot offers speaker selectors for residential applications that include impedance protection, so a single amplifier can safely power several pairs of speakers into multiple zones. But what if a job specifies dozens of speakers in one zone and four speakers in another zone? Even high current amps would overload, and here’s where our 70V speaker selector comes into play. A commercial speaker selector includes a transformer to step up or step down the voltage so you can daisy chain multiple speakers without the need for impedance protection and the fear of amp overload. We offer a truly unique 70v mono speaker selector that lets you distribute audio to two zones at 100W per zone and connect as many speakers as the job requires. Just keep in mind that this speaker selector must be connected to a 70V amplifier.

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