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    Commercial 70V Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

    Commercial 70V Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

    Step up or Step down with Commercial Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

    Distributed audio in commercial settings differs from 8/4-ohm systems because multiple speakers (and by multiple, we mean dozens or more) are often part of the project. Critical listening takes a backseat to background music and paging; however, connecting more than five speakers to a single amp will result in overload to the amp and damage to expensive equipment. A 70v output amplifier connected to 70v speakers allows you to maximize the wattage output with transformer taps that can be changed to select the power levels to step up or step down the voltage and daisy chain the wiring. This not only simplifies the installation process but allows you to reach your sound goals without overloading the amp. Available in both indoor and outdoor applications, 70-volt outdoor speakers include both ceiling and pendant that can be used for long speaker runs for background music and paging, and some models include 8-ohm switching to compensate for noisy environments.

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