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    Commercial 70V Amplifiers

    Commercial 70V Amplifiers

    Power for the Long Run

    70V amplifiers are used primarily for background audio in restaurants, schools, or retail buildings. A good commercial audio setup needs a high current 70v amp with flexible input and output connections that accommodate a variety of audio sources, including paging capability. Unlike a home theater system where five or seven speakers are connected to an A/V receiver or amp, commercial audio systems often require dozens or more speakers with lengthy cable runs that would overload conventional power amplifiers. While a 70V commercial amp functions like a conventional amplifier, it includes transformers that can step up or step down the voltage so you can run multiple speakers on one amp with a daisy chain wiring configuration. OSD Audio 70v amplifiers come in different power ratings for small, medium, and large installations and can control a few zones or up to up to 12 (mono), so it’s important to choose an amp that fits the size of the job. It’s always a good idea to select a commercial audio amp that has more power than you need so you can expand your system down the road.

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