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    Commercial 70V Volume Controls

    Commercial 70V Volume Controls

    Volume Controls for Commercial Applications

    Volume controls or VCs are essential in commercial applications such as restaurants, theme parks, office buildings, museums, and other environments with multiple rooms and audio zones. Volume controls allow you adjust the volume for each zone because a waiting room might require soft background music, but the warehouse might need a higher decibel level for paging. Unlike 8 ohm VCs used in home audio, a commercial speaker volume control includes a transformer that lets you step up or step down the voltage with jumper settings for easy daisy chain wiring from one speaker to the next. Since not all zones will have the same number of speakers, our 70v volume controls rated at 25W, 50W, and 100W fit just about any installation situation. Our auto transformers have excellent frequency response, low insertion loss and silver-plated contact provide reliable, noise-free performance for both 25v and 70 volt systems. With auto transformers plates available in white or ivory with matching skirted rotary knobs, our volume controls install into most single gang boxes and are attractive alternative to commercial series attenuators.

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