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    If you want to make a great sound system sound even greater, add a subwoofer speaker to the mix. These specialized speakers produce only the lowest audible frequencies that traditional speakers are not designed to do, so you’ll hear and even feel thunderous, rich bass in movies, gaming, and music soundtracks. There are many types of subwoofers for sale and placement options to suit just about any size room or budget, and today’s subwoofers are capable of impressive power output in much smaller footprints than their behemoth predecessors. Typically, stand-alone model, powered subwoofers, include a built-in amplifier and are available in box or cylindrical enclosures or thin, low-profile enclosures that can be tucked away behind furniture. If space or décor requirements are an issue, consider installing in-wall passive subwoofers. While these subs require external amplification, they mount easily into drywall and can be painted to match your interior. Outdoor subwoofers are a popular choice for customers who want to improve sound in the backyard, pool, or patio and are designed to handle tough weather conditions. Like interior subwoofers, outdoor subwoofers can vastly improve the sound quality of an outdoor sound system, particularly in noisy environments, and can be buried in the ground or disguised as rocks. Whichever option is right for you, be sure to get the best subwoofer cable you can afford with pure copper conductors and 24K gold RCA connectors to ensure that you experience all the sonic benefits these speakers deliver.

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