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    App Control Amplifiers

    App Control Amplifiers

    Elevate your audio experience with OSD Audio's innovative app-controlled amplifiers and streaming devices. These cutting-edge solutions are designed to bring unparalleled convenience and quality to your sound system.

    • OSD Control App - Nero Control12, Max12, Max8
      The OSD Control App revolutionizes audio management with the Nero Control12, Nero Max8, and Nero Max12 amplifiers. Designed for modern audio enthusiasts, this app offers intuitive control over multi-room systems, allowing for easy adjustments of volume and source selection. Perfect for those seeking a blend of high-quality sound and convenience in their audio setups.
    • OSD Player App - Nero Stream Series, SRT4 GEN2, SRT1 GEN2
      The OSD Player App enhances the streaming experience for users of the Nero Stream Series, including the SRT4 GEN2 and SRT1 GEN2. This app connects seamlessly to popular services like Spotify and Amazon Music, putting a vast library of music right at your fingertips. It's tailored for listeners who prioritize easy access to endless streaming content alongside superior sound quality.
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