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    In-Wall Passive Subwoofers

    In-Wall Passive Subwoofers

    Keep the Bass and Save Space

    A top-notch home theater immerses you in the cinematic experience, and a key component of that is the subwoofer. OSD Audio's in-wall subwoofers defy the traditional notion of bulky speakers by offering a space-saving solution that delivers deep, full-bodied sound. These subwoofers integrate seamlessly into your walls, enriching your audio experience without occupying floor or wall space. Once activated, the impact of the in-wall subwoofer's potent bass is unmistakable, adding a depth to your audio that's hard to achieve otherwise.

    Typically, in-wall subwoofers are passive, meaning they need an external power source. To ensure optimal performance, it's advisable to pair your in-wall subwoofer with one of OSD Audio's SMP series subwoofer amplifiers. These amplifiers not only supply steady power but also enhance the low-frequency sounds, giving you greater control over the bass intensity in your sound system.

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