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    Subwoofer Amplifiers

    Subwoofer Amplifiers

    Loud and Clear

    If you’re adding a subwoofer to your home theater setup, consider purchasing a separate subwoofer amplifier to complete the package. While many A/V receivers include connections to power a passive subwoofer, these speakers are power-hungry beasts that will perform at their best when connected to a dedicated amplifier. Not only does a subwoofer amp add the necessary power, but it also routes low-frequency effects away from your surround speakers so you can enjoy the full gamut of sound when watching movies and listening to music. Like conventional amplifiers, Outdoor Speaker Depot sub amps come in different power ratings to fit different size home theaters and listening tastes. You can choose from a compact 80W amp to power a single 8” subwoofer, all the way up to a 500W amp at peak that, when paired with an in-wall subwoofer that can handle that kind of muscle, will rattle your neighbors’ windows. There’s also subwoofer and amp packages for both indoor and outdoor applications to bring better, louder, and clearer bass to any space.

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