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    Multi-Channel Amplifiers

    Multi-Channel Amplifiers

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    The job of a multi-channel amplifier, like all amps, is to provide clean, reliable power to speakers and other passive components. Multi-zone amps, however, include discrete power sources or “channels” with separate input and output connectors. These channels allow you to distribute power to multiple places and adjust volume and control settings from one centralized location. Ideal for whole house audio and home theater systems, these versatile amps typically start at five channels and can go as high as 12 channels. Power output varies but decreases as channels increase. For example, a 5-channel multi-zone amplifier is a great choice for 5.1 surround sound systems because it delivers power to left, right, center, and rear surrounds, so you’ll experience action thrillers with sound quality that rivals commercial movie theaters. A 12-channel multi-channel audio amplifier is a popular choice for whole house audio systems and can control up to six zones or 12 speakers for superior sound playing room to room. For commercial environments, 70V multi-channel amps can provide power to 12 zones or 24 speakers mono  (70V) or six stereo zones (8/4 ohm) and are a great choice for retail stores, malls, restaurants, museums, and outdoor sound systems.

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