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    Installing a TV wall mount for your big screen television can make a huge difference in the aesthetics of a room, not to mention the added surface space you’ll gain. TV mounts are rated by screen size and the maximum weight they can support so you’ll find mounts for small monitors and ones that securely support big behemoth screens. Different types of television wall mounts include fixed, tilt, and tilt and swivel. Fixed mounts install flush against the wall and are ideal for spaces where the viewing angle doesn’t change, and cables don’t need to be plugged in and out frequently. For bedrooms or above fireplaces where the viewing angle is higher than eye level, tilt TV mounts can be angled downward to counter glare. If you need a wide viewing angle, say you want to see the living room TV from the kitchen, consider a tilt and swivel tv mount that can extend outward, tilt, and rotate 120°. Look for tv mounts that are VESA compatible, which means the mounting holes are compatible with virtually any brand of big screen.

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