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    Spine-chilling home theater surround sound and well-balanced distributed audio depend on many components, but speakers are no doubt a critical element in the audio chain. Knowing the type of woofer, midrange, and tweeter; crossover configuration; and enclosure design that will give you the kind of sound you truly want will help you build a media room, home theater and whole house audio system that soars above the ordinary. Outdoor Speaker Depot consistently re-writes the playbook of what makes great sound work with in-wall/ceiling speakers, subwoofers, outdoor speakers, commercial 70V speakers and on-walls that are designed and built to last for years if not decades. Our diverse line spans a wide range of price points, from solidly-built 5.25” patio speakers,  to 12” stand-alone subwoofers that will bring down the house.  We believe that making the right choice in speakers depends on having the right choices, so shop around, ask our experts if you need to, and enjoy great sound that we’ll build together.

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