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    Raising the Sound Bar

    Installing a surround sound system is the best way to enjoy immersive and clear audio with music and movies, but not everyone has the space or budget for a full-blown 5.1 setup. Today’s big-screen TVs are remarkably thin, which is great for aesthetics, but not so great for sound quality. In fact the 72” HDTV you got for a steal most likely has speakers the size of a half-dollar. What that means is very limited frequency range and power handling, so you have to constantly press the volume on the remote, particularly on dialog. Installing a TV sound bar system and a wireless subwoofer can bridge the audio divide so you can stream or listen with crisp 2.1 quality sound. Sound bars are typically installed below the big screen and include dual left and right speakers, so dialog and sound effects are loud and clear, and the subwoofer handles the bass for hair-raising rumbles and explosions.

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