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    Angled Speakers

    Angled Drivers Direct Sound Toward You

    Giving listeners another dimension to experience livelier movie and music listening, Dolby Atmos® is the latest surround sound system from Dolby®. Dolby Atmos® adds height effects on top of the regular Dolby® system's left, center, right and surround effects. You will hear more detailed dimensional sound effects. There are two kinds Dolby Atmos® speakers - upward firing and down firing. We like the down firing solutions because it is more accurate, easy to implement and cost effective. OSD Audio’s LCR (Left Center Right) angled in-ceiling speaker is angled at 15 degrees toward the listener. The angle of the LCR ceiling speaker gives you a more focused sound image and a better listening experience compared to standard ceiling speakers. This design offers excellent sound quality and can be used for left, center, right configurations. Install these speakers as front stereo pairs, a center channel, rear channel speakers, or anywhere high-quality sound needs to be directed from the ceiling. Typically sold as individual speakers, the angled in-ceiling speakers are especially useful if your room has an irregular shape or your sitting position is little far away from your speaker's location.

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