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SRT4 Gen2: The Ultimate Solution for Multi-Zone Audio


The SRT4 Gen2 is a 2nd generation device that builds four independent network streamers into one box. The companion App – ‘OSD Player’ – allows you to select each of the streamers separately or, using the universal ‘Bus’ input, an independent, centralized source. Each streamer provides access to your favorite streaming services, including Spotify, Airplay, Amazon Music, Tidal, Napster, and Internet radio sources such as TuneIn, iHeart Radio and vTuner. Each streamer also has inputs for RCA analog, Digital Coax and Optical, USB Audio, a 12v Trigger and RCA analog output. By combining all of these options for each of the four streamers, you have access to any of the sources you use for enjoying content, independently, in up to four zones or rooms. Zones can also be linked to shared sources, allowing a single source to be played in all zones or rooms.

It is also possible, using the Bus inputs, to select a centralized source, such as a laptop, phone, or TV, and play through each streamer. This ensures synchronization of the sound with no network delays. Especially important for digital sources such as a TV’s optical output.

The RCA outputs are used to connect to multichannel amps such as the OSD MX880, or the more powerful HTD8150, providing the amplification desired in each room or zone. Each streaming module has a 12v trigger output that can be used to turn on each of the connected amplifiers, ensuring that the amps are off when the zone is not being used.

Multiple SRT4’s can be used for larger installations. It is also possible to combine other streamers from our extensive range, including the SRT1, Nero Stream XD and XD2, to create a custom solution for any situation.

OSD Player – Available on the Play Store and Apple App Store