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HTA vs. XA: Exploring the Enhanced Features of OSD’s Latest Home Theater Amps

HTA Series

The OSD HTA Series amplifiers, including the HTA4200, HTA5200, and HTA7200 models, represent the pinnacle of home theater audio excellence. Designed to deliver powerful multi-channel output with up to 210W per channel, these amplifiers ensure an immersive audio experience that rivals commercial cinema sound levels. With meticulously engineered specifications, including a high signal-to-noise ratio and minimal distortion, the HTA Series stands out for its superior audio clarity and robust performance. Enhanced with RCA inputs for versatile connectivity, these amplifiers provide an affordable solution for both audiophiles and casual listeners to achieve premium sound in their home theaters.

Difference Between XA Series and HTA Series
The HTA amplifiers are the latest range of Home Theater Amps from OSD and include some significant improvements over our previous XA amplifiers.
The key areas we worked on were larger cases for better cooling, increased power output levels, multiple toroidal transformers, very low standby power consumption and improved Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR).

Why are these important and what do they mean?

  • Better cooling means a longer life, particularly when placing the amps in a rack or cadenza.
  • Low standby power consumption saves you money and helps the environment.
  • Higher power levels are important to achieve a peak sound pressure level of 105dB to equal the experience of a movie theater.
  • Using multiple transformers ensures that when all channels are playing at high levels there is no restriction on the power available.

SNR is a measurement of how noisy the equipment is compared to the soundtrack being played. With an SNR of 110dB these amps are extremely quiet. Good amplifiers are rated above 100dB SNR. Great amps such as our new HTA amps are rated at 110dB at full power. Combining these important requirements is difficult and usually very expensive. Our ability to source great components at low prices coupled with our low overhead, and factory direct prices gives us a tremendous advantage.

In summary, OSD’s HTA Series amplifiers set a new benchmark for home theater systems, distinguishing themselves from the earlier XA Series with enhanced features designed for the ultimate audio experience. From improved cooling systems that extend the lifespan of your equipment, to the eco-friendly low standby power consumption and exceptional power capabilities that bring cinema-level sound right into your living room, the HTA Series is engineered to impress. With an SNR of 110dB, these amplifiers operate with whisper-quiet efficiency, ensuring that nothing distracts from the purity of the sound. For those looking to invest in a state-of-the-art audio solution that offers both performance and value, the HTA Series from OSD is an unbeatable choice. Embrace the future of sound with OSD, where advanced technology meets sophisticated audio engineering.