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    14G 2-Conductor Speaker Cable (Pair) Audiophile Grade, Stereo Aurum Series [6.5FT - 49.2FT]

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      Purchase 14G 2-Conductor Speaker Cable (Pair) Audiophile Grade, Stereo Aurum Series [6.5FT - 49.2FT]

      14G 2-Conductor Speaker Cable (Pair) Audiophile Grade, Stereo Aurum Series [6.5FT - 49.2FT]

      SKU: AU-SC22-PAR

      • Audiophile-Grade Speaker Cables: Delivers the purest signal transfer from audio source equipment to surround sound or high-end two-channel speaker systems
      • Enhances the Audio Experience: Maximizes the audio experience with high quality, heavy-duty construction that brings out the best performance from your speaker setup
      • Excellent Signal Integrity: Includes 99.99% high conductivity pure copper dual center conductors that deliver an untainted audio signal and allow warmth and detail to come through
      • Extremely Well Shielded: Includes a durable but flexible braided gold cotton outer casing that shields against unwanted noise
      • Inter-Changable Connectors: Comes with matching splitter blocks for a fit and finish looks as well as both banana and spade connectors for convenient unplugging and a large and secure electrical contact area
      Aurum’s Audiophile-grade Speaker cables are designed for listeners who can hear and appreciate subtle acoustic nuances and include 99.99% pure copper conductors as well as gold/gun-metal-plated connectors for high signal transfer integrity. These 14-gauge audio cables can handle the most demanding two-channel or surround sound setups yet are cosmetically pleasing with a flexible golden braided sleeve and matching splitter blocks.

      The Aurum Ultra Audio Experience
      Aurum’s Audiophile-grade 2-connductor 14-gauge speaker cable lets you experience the cleanest, clearest audio possible from your two-channel or surround sound audio system. Designed for listeners who can hear and appreciate subtle acoustic nuances, Aurum’s stereo pair cable is constructed of 99.99% pure copper conductors and includes custom-tooled gold/gun metal-plated connectors for an exceptional signal transfer. In addition to the high-quality construction, these heavy-duty 14-gauge stereo pair cables include a flexible braided golden cotton sleeve jacket and matching splitter blocks that will add a polished look to your sound system, especially where the back connections are visible.

      Pure Copper Conductors
      Aurum’s high-end stereo speaker cables contain 99.99% copper dual center conductors. The high conductivity of copper adds warmth to the audio and allows subtle sonic detail to come through, particularly on low frequencies.

      Better Sound with No Interference
      Includes a flexible braided gold cotton outer jacket that shields against outside noise and interference as well as proprietary custom-tooled gold/gun metal-plated inter-changeable spade and banana plug connectors.

      Aurum Ultra Performance and Value
      Aurum makes cables that do what we say they will, but we don’t exaggerate our claims or our price. The integrity of each cable is carefully tested throughout our manufacturing process, so every Aurum cable delivers on performance or you can return it with no questions asked. Sold as a single cable and available in 2m, 3m, 5m, 8m 10m, 12m, 15m lengths, Aurum high-end 2-conductor stereo speaker cable also includes matching splitter blocks for more cosmetic-looking cable runs.

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      Technical Specifications

      • Speaker Cables; Stereo Pair
      • Audiophile Grade 2 Conductor Stereo Pair Speaker Cables
      • Proprietary Custom Tooled Gold/Gun Metal Plated Connectors and Matching Splitter Blocks
      • Includes both Spades/Bananas Inter-Changeable Connectors

      • High Strand Count 99.99% Pure Copper 14 Gauge Conductors
      • Featuring Unique Golden Sleeve; 12.8mm/6.0mm OD
      • Available in 2M, 3M, 5M, 8M, 12M and 15M