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    Omni Speakers

    Fill Your Yard with Surround Sound

    Omni-directional speakers radiate sound evenly in a 360° pattern, so you’ll hear rich and immersive audio whether you’re sitting down or walking around the backyard. These incredible outdoor speakers bring your music to life, making it sound like your own personal concert outdoors.  They are popular in a wide variety of outdoor settings, including backyards, resorts, hotels and even theme parks. Several designs are perfect for placing discreetly in gardens or among landscaping features. For instance, you can use omni planter speakers to actually plant flowers, so the product actually does double duty in your yard. For something simpler and more compact, choose one of the green Omni speaker units that easily blend in with your yard or garden while taking up less space while providing surround sound from every angle. Each one is extremely weather-resistant, which allows them to hold up well in harsh conditions like rain, snow and high temperatures. Each one properly protects the speaker components so they won't be affected by water or debris. You'll love having these subtle and stylish Omni speakers in your yard year after year.

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