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    5.25" In-Wall Speakers

    Economical Option

    Our indoor and outdoor 5.25” in-wall speakers are an economical option for in-home audio and make it easy to play your favorite music in the background during parties, family dinners or when you're just hanging out at home. The compact, space, saving design makes them easier to install, and the grilles can even be painted to match your home's décor. Each one is incredibly affordable, even if you need to install multiple speakers throughout your home's interior and exterior, you won’t break the bank doing so. If you're not worried about having that booming bass sound or the ability to crank up the volume, the 5.25” in-wall speakers are the perfect solution. The sound is still crisp and clear, but it doesn't require as much fancy technology and expensive powerful amps to run them. Many homeowners find that these speakers suit their home audio needs perfectly, especially since they require smaller holes and have a more discreet look.

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