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    5.25" Ceiling Speakers

    Enjoy high-quality sound even in small tight spaces by ordering these 5.25” in-ceiling speakers from Outdoor Speaker Depot. Look, we know that not everyone needs large speakers to provide loud sound in large spaces. Maybe you just love having background music in your home or out in the yard. If you'd like to create a cozy listening area inside or outside, these in-ceiling speakers provide the perfect solution. You'll love that they have a compact, space-saving design that requires smaller holes in your ceiling. Plus, they are incredibly affordable and are a cheaper option compared to the larger 6” or 8” models. You'll still get the wonderful sound performance you've come to expect from Outdoor Speaker Depot products, but the cost is much lower. Don’t assume because they are smaller they are quiet, these speakers are ideal for homeowners who aren't worried about getting a thumping bass sound or being able to crank the volume way up.
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