Black Series 70V

If you're searching for products that work for commercial applications, these 70V options are just what you need.

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Black Series 60W 12 Channel 70V/100V/4 or 8 Ohm Power Amplifier with IR Remote - BMA6012P

The Black Series BMA6012P 60W 12 channel amplifier is a major step forward in installation amplifiers technology. It features either Twelve Zone mono channels (70V) or Six Stereo Zones (8/4 Ohm) or a combination of both 70V and 8/4 Ohm 85% class D design technology, can operate as 6 independent Stereo Zone amplifiers. Self-explanatory Input and Output connections are easy to follow since any of the 12 mono amplifiers can be connected to either 70-Volt, 8-Ohm or 4-ohm speaker circuits. Learn More

Black Series P-83 All-weather Outdoor 2-way Patio Speaker Pair w/ Optional 70V Settings, 150W RMS - Black or White

The Black P-83 Outdoor Patio Speaker is an all-weather 2-way speaker that delivers high fidelity sound to patios, decks and other outdoor settings. Featuring an 8” polypropylene woofer and titanium dome tweeter, these rugged patio speakers handle 150W of power for dynamic and enveloping outdoor sound and include all mounting hardware is included. The P-83 can be used as a standard 8-ohm speaker or as a 70V speaker for commercial applications with settings on the back to match your application. Designed with weather-resistant components and enclosure, the P-83 is easy to install and is a perfect match for patios and decks up to 800 square feet. Note: For the best protection, we recommend installing these speakers in a covered area such as beneath eaves and overhangs. Learn More

Black Series Outdoor Mounting Accessory Kit for BK-PLS6 Indoor/Outdoor 2-Way 70V Pendant Speaker

Designed for high ceilings and open space environments, the BK-PLS6 offers integrators a visually pleasing alternative for adding foreground and background audio in areas where performance is as important as aesthetics. Since the enclosure is built with UV-resistant polypropylene, it’s suitable for both in and outdoor applications which is where this accessory kit come in. Learn More

Black Series Indoor/Outdoor 2-Way 70V Pendant Speaker with 6.5” Polypropylene Cone Woofer and 1” Aluminum Dome Tweeter, Black - PLS6

The BK-PLS6 pendant can be hung from the ceiling and includes a 6.5” durable polypropylene woofer as well as a 1” aluminum dome tweeter. Learn More

Black Series Landscape/ Garden 2-Way 70V Speaker with 6.5” Polypropylene Cone Woofer and 1” Aluminum Dome Tweeter

This speaker is the perfect landscape speaker, adding sleek modern touches to your outdoor space. It can blend into commercial environments such as malls, restaurants, bars, museums and other environments. Learn More

Black Series 12" In-ground Subwoofer with 12” Polypropylene Cone and 500W Power Rating (70V Optional) - XSUB12

Your audio system doesn't have to have inferior sound just because it's located outside. You can still enjoy rich, crisp music in your very own backyard thanks to this Black Series 12" In-Ground Waterproof Subwoofer. This audio unit enhances the bass in your outdoor speakers while also blending into your surroundings. Using it in a commercial application? Simply choose 70V from the dropdown. Learn More

OSD Black 50W70T Commercial Distribution Line Matching In-Door 70v Transformer, (50W, 40W, 30W, 20W and 10W)

A 70V matching line indoor audio transformer that converts the primary voltage of a PA or audio amplifier from 70V to 8 ohms or 4 ohms. Learn More

OSD Black MOV50W 70V Rotary-style Mono Outdoor Volume Control/Attenuator with Weather-proof Housing & Through-output for Daisy Chain Configurations, 50W

Our Black Series MOV50W is a sturdy and reliable 70-volt outdoor volume control for large-scale home installations or commercial applications with multiple pairs of speakers and complex speaker runs. Learn More