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    T64 6.5 In-Wall 3-Way Dual Graphite LCR, Single, Black Series

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      Purchase T64 6.5 In-Wall 3-Way Dual Graphite LCR, Single, Black Series

      T64 6.5 In-Wall 3-Way Dual Graphite LCR, Single, Black Series

      SKU: BK-T64

      Part of our OSD Black Series of premium surround sound speakers, the T64 is a left, center, right in-wall speaker that delivers all the rich audio quality of a high-end LCR tower speaker in a space-saving in-wall package. The OSD Black T64 handles up to 80W of peak power, making them an ideal addition to a dedicated home theater or media room where space is limited but sound quality is essential.

      Built with State-of-the-Art Components 
      Components that make our Black Series T64 ideal for multi-channel or high-end two-channel audio systems include two 6.5” graphite mineral-filled cone woofers that deliver full and enriching bass tones. Graphite mineral-filled woofers are ultra-stiff and easily handle low frequencies while avoiding distortion at high volume levels. The surrounds, or the speakers’ suspension system, are made of durable Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) instead of foam. TPR has excellent flex properties and is stiffer and longer lasting than foam or other surround material. For high frequencies, the T64 includes a 1” ceramic coated aluminum dome tweeter for pin-point accuracy and smooth treble. For the critical midrange, the OSD Black T64 includes a 4” cone for a wide and enveloping sound stage.  Adding to the audio perfection is a totally sealed enclosure with isolated internal chambers that keep vibration in the enclosure and not in the walls.  The T64 in-wall LCRs will sound incredible whether you mount them vertically or horizontally.

      • Space-saving in-wall LCR speaker 
      • Rated at 80W peak/40W RMS
      • Includes durable TPR Surrounds
      • Mounts in a standard wall chamber between two studs
      • Two graphite mineral-filled cone woofers for outstanding bass
      • 1" ceramic coated aluminum tweeter for crisp, tingly and high notes 
      • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
      • Sold individually

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      Technical Specifications

      • Speaker Type: Dual 6.5" 2-Way In-Wall LCR Speaker
      • Woofer: (2) 6.5" Graphite Cone Drivers w/ TPR Surround
      • Mid Range: (1) 4" Paper Cone Driver
      • Tweeter: (1) 1" Ceramic Coated Aluminum Dome
      • Frequency Response: 95Hz - 20kHz
      • Power: 150W
      • Sensitivity: 89dB
      • Impedance: 8 Ohm

      • Dimensions: 29.52" x 12.79" x 4.13" (Length x Width x Depth)
      • Cut-Out: 28.38" x 11.65"
      • Selling Unit: Single
      • Limited Lifetime Warranty