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    XMP500DSP 500 x 2 Bridgeable Class D Digital Stereo Power Amplifier w/ DSP & Priority Input

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      Purchase XMP500DSP 500 x 2 Bridgeable Class D Digital Stereo Power Amplifier w/ DSP & Priority Input

      XMP500DSP 500 x 2 Bridgeable Class D Digital Stereo Power Amplifier w/ DSP & Priority Input

      SKU: XMP500DSP

      Our XMP500DSP is a powerful 2-channel Class D stereo amplifier that delivers stable power to speakers used in home theaters, media/gaming rooms and other listening environments. Pleasantly affordable and packed with features, this Class D amp cleans up sound quality, improves bass response and includes Digital Signal Processing for superior control of audio accuracy. The XMP500DSP includes other key features such as priority input switching that lets you connect a portable device or other source equipment and when the local source is active, its signal will take priority. No more trying to figure out what source is playing and what input to activate. Front-mounted A/B switches let you add audio to two zones that can be engaged separately or used at once by simply pushing both buttons. The XMP500DSP is bridgeable for commercial applications and includes 12V in/out trigger that allows the XMP500DSP to be powered on by other electronics or to power on other electronics via a 3.5mm mini phone plug cable. The front panel includes a programming navigation control knob to scroll through the display menus and change the settings of the DSP controller for pin-point audio accuracy.

      • A slim but powerful 250 Watt per channel Class D amplifier
      • Class D technology for low distortion and high efficiency
      • Digital Sound Processing for highly accurate audio output
      • Main/interrupt priority input switching
      • Includes A/B switching for control over two zones
      • Front panel programming navigation control
      • Includes a 12V trigger for remote turn on
      • Signal sensing “power on” and trigger mode
      • Rack-mount ears included
      • Remote control included
      What Is Class D Amp Typology?
      Class D amplifiers use output transistors that are fully turned on or off during operation, so distortion is low while efficiency is high (93%). Class D amps combine the best qualities of both class A and B technologies and are ideal for distributed audio and home theater setups because there is less heat to deal with and it can easily run two pairs of speakers at a 4-ohm load.

      Advantages of Digital Signal Processing
      Digital Signal processing or DSP is a microprocessor chip that processes complex algorithms in less time. With DSP, the audio signal is modified digitally and converted to analog before sending it to the speakers. Amps designed in DSP have tighter control on output accuracy and can be more powerful than traditional analog components.

      A/B Speaker Selector for Listening Flexibility
      The XMP500DSP includes A/B switching. With this feature, you can automatically switch between a pair of speakers in one zone and a pair of speakers in a different zone. You can also push both switches in at the same time, so both A and B play.

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      Technical Specifications

      • Amplifier Type: Stereo
      • Amplifier Class: Digital Class D
      • Channels: 2; Speaker A, B or A&B Output
      • Power Handling: 125W(RMS)/ 250W(MAX) Per Channel @ 8 Ohm
      • Power Handling: 175W(RMS)/ 350W(MAX) Per Channel @ 4 Ohm
      • Bridged Rating (Watts): 700W @ 8 Ohm
      • Frequency Response: 10Hz-30kHz, -2dB/ +1dB
      • Impedance: 8 Ohm and 4 Ohm Stable
      • Channel Seperation: 65dB @ 1kHz, referred to 250W output into 8 ohms
      • Signal to Noise Ratio: 100 dB Below 150W Output into 8 Ohms w/ 20kHz
      • 12V Trigger Mode
      • Inputs: Dual Source w/ Priority
      • Automatic Priority Dual Source Switching (Labeled Main & Interrupt)
      • Output: Main Line Pass Thru
      • Rack Mountable: Yes, Mounts Included
      • Remote Control: Yes
      • Dimensions (L x H x D): 17.5" x 2" x 12.5"
      • Weight: 10 lbs
      • Warranty: 2 Years

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