Audio Speaker Terminal Wall Plates

Audio Speaker Terminal Wall Plates

For a truly custom and clean system design, consider adding speaker terminal wall plates. These devices provide a clean custom finish with cables tucked neatly behind the wall. OSD Audio provides a wide selection of state-of-the-art wall plates that support both simple and sophisticated A/V systems. Gold-plated binding posts ensure clean signal transfer, and the decora style design blends easily into any room.

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WP16 7.1 Home Theater Decora Wall Plate

For a professorially-installed look, connect your 7.1 home theater system cables into one neat wall plate. This unit is 16 terminal double gang with RCA to F Connector for a subwoofer. Decora wall plates offer a variety of hook-ups, including connectors, banana jacks and binding posts that can accommodate a single speaker pair, dual speaker pair or a complete home theater system. Learn More

WP12 5.1 Speaker Terminal Wall Plate

Allows up to 3 pairs of speakers to be connected (from behind the wall) to a single stereo amplifier. Removable 4-pin screw connectors simplify speaker wiring. Note: To prevent damage to the amplifier, impedance-matching volume controls should be used with each pair of speakers connected to this wallplate. Learn More

WP8 8 Terminal Speaker Wall Plate

Provides clean, wall-mounted wire connection for one pair of speakers to your stereo system. Speaker 2x pair to wall mount clean wire connection In-wall speaker to amplifier connection Gold plated, color coded terminals Attractive Decora style wall plate. Learn More

RGB Component Video Wall Plate

This unit offers clean, wall-mounted connections for audio/video cabling. Learn More

WP4 Speaker Binding Wall Plate

Put the finishing touch on home theatre and audio/video installations with these high quality architectural audio wall plates. Unique two piece design utilizes elegant installer friendly inserts and wall plates. All connectors are gold plated for maximum conductivity and long life. Decora Style Instead of each unit take one single gang, you have the flexibility to install multiple units in one big plates. Learn More

WP-2 Terminal Speaker Wall Plate

Complete your custom installation with a custom and clean finish that conveniently connects cables run behind a wall with cables run inside your room. Gold-plated 5-way binding posts are located on both sides to ensure clean signal transfer. We include a free single gang wall-plate, but it is possible to combine multiple Decora-style binding post plates into your own multi-gang wall-plate. Learn More

WP20 7.1 Speaker Terminal Wall Plate

The WP20 Home Theater Wallplate provides the finishing touch to home theater or multi-room speaker connections. Terminate speakers for Dolby® 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 systems with this double-gang wall plate. Eighteen gold-plated, color-coded binding posts accept up to 14 AWG wire, spade lugs or banana plugs. Two gold-plated RCA barrels make connecting dual powered subwoofers easy. This versatile wall plate accommodates either powered (using RCA jacks) or passive (using binding posts) subwoofer connections. Learn More