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    3ft Premium High Speed 4K HDMI Cable

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      Purchase 3ft Premium High Speed 4K HDMI Cable

      3ft Premium High Speed 4K HDMI Cable

      SKU: HDAV2-PR-3ft

      Enjoy clear, crisp, immediate connectivity with the this High-Speed HDMI Cable. This quality High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable allows you to connect a wide variety of devices in the realms of home entertainment, computing, gaming, and more to your HDTV, projector, or monitor. Perfect for those that interact with multiple platforms and devices, you can rely on strong performance and playback delivery when it comes to your digital experience. Works with all HDMI® Enabled devices including Apple TV, Blu-ray players, AVRs, all gaming devices and Computers/Laptops connecting to Plasma, HD LCD, LED, OLED Displays and 3D TVs. Fully compatible with PCs or Mac Computers. (UHD) Ultra High Definition 4K Resolution support at 60fps, 32 Audio Channel support, 21:9 True Cinema Aspect Ratio, supports dual video streaming and up to four audio streams at once (all features are part of latest HDMI version). 

      Built to last, the male-to-male High-Speed HDMI Cable features 30AWG 100% pure copper conductors, triple-shielding and gold-plated full metal jacket connectors that prevent interference and boost performance.
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      Technical Specifications

      • Short Length, 30 AWG featuring Black and Red Nylon Outer jacket
      • Unique Tight Fit 25=4Kt Gold Plated Connectors
      • Custom Tooled Gun Metal Barrel and Strain Relief Nut
      • 100% Pure Copper Connectors for both Data & Audio/ Video Transfer
      • High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet; latest version available
      • Ultra 4K, 60 FPS (Frames per Second)
      • 480p, 720p, 1080p and 1280p (4K compatible)
      • Supports both 32 Audio Channels and 21;9 Aspect Ratio
      • ARC, HEC 3D, Deep Color, 340Mhz and 10.2Gps Plus