12" 150W High Powered Reinforced Down-Firing Powered Home Theater Subwoofer - S-12

Powered subwoofers have become integral to any complete audio/visual system, particularly home theater. Normal speakers leave the very lowest frequencies unheard. Powered subwoofers fill in those blanks. All include level controls and both speaker and line inputs and outputs.
Adding the right subwoofer to your home theater can mean the difference between nice sound and HOLY COW! If you're thinking about adding a subwoofer to your surround sound set up, take a look at the OSD S-12; it's one of the most affordable and feature-rich subwoofers on the market. This stand-alone sub includes a 12-inch driver and 150 Watts of power. This sub can tackle medium and larger size home theater rooms (300-500 square feet). For smaller rooms, check out the S-10. In addition to home theaters, the S-12 can be added to your satellite speaker system or two-channel systems for more bass.

Installation Ability: Novice
The S-12 is easy to install and connects to the line level subwoofer output (variable) or LFE output (fixed) on your audio/video receiver. Because it has a built-in amp, there are no additional power requirements to worry about but be mindful that powered subwoofers are heavy.

What's a down-firing sub?
The S-12 uses a down-firing design, which means the speaker is mounted at the bottom of the cabinet firing down into the floor. The bass distribution of this design is typically more equal and precise than front-firing subwoofers, but down-firing subs work best when firing into hard wood floors or hard surfaces. If you have carpeting, you may want to cut a piece of wood and place directly under the subwoofer’s feet. Zoom into the pictures and you'll see that the S-12 has a front firing tuned 3-inch port. The down firing, front tuned port design allows the sub cabinet to be smaller, more efficient and ultimately less expensive.

Subwoofer Details
  • Speaker Type: 12" Down-firing High Performance Powered Subwoofer with 3” front–firing tuned port
  • Driver: 12" Reinforced
  • Amplifier Power Output: 150 Watts (RMS)
  • Variable Frequency Response: Set between 50Hz - 250Hz
  • Functions: Switched Power (On/Off) or Auto-sensing option
  • Input/Outputs: Both High Level (Speaker) and Line Level (RCA)
  • Dimensions: (H x W x D) 16 1/4" x 13 x 15
  • Weight: 31 lbs
  • Additional Information

    More Information
    Model NumberS-12
    • Speaker Type: 12" High Performance Powered Subwoofer
    • Driver: 12" Reinforced
    • Amplifier Power Output: 150 Watts (RMS)
    • Frequency Response: 50Hz - 250Hz
    • Functions: Power (On,Off)
    • Input: High Level (Speaker), Line (RCA)
    • Dimensions: (H x W x D): 16 1/4" x 13" x 15"
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