60W Impedance Matching Rotary Style Volume Control Kit with (White, Bone and Ivory) Decora® Plates - SVC-60

Quick Overview

Rated at 60 Watts peak, this unit is built with close attention to performance, reliability and durability. Some folks prefer the knob control over the slider type which is why we offer both. As you can see by the many reviews, the result is a blend of transparency and functionality, with low distortion and ruler flat frequency response. Like all our SVC Kits the SVC60 comes with White, Bone or Ivory Decora® inserts, outer plates, control knobs.


There are two types of volume controller - Impedance matching and Non-impedance matching. If you connect your speaker parallel to the receiver or connect the speakers into an impedance protection speaker selector, use impedance matching volume controller. If you connect just one pair of speaker directly to the receiver or your speakers are connected directly into an impedance matching speaker selector, use regular volume controller.

Quality is critical to the successful sonic performance of any whole house audio system. After all, it’s about how the system sounds and how well it works. From front to back, our pro-install series is built with close attention to performance, reliability and durability. The result is a blend of transparency and functionality, with low distortion and ruler flat frequency response. We bring you seamless control for every room in the house.

All speakers have an impedance rating, typically 8 ohm for a pair of home speakers. To operate in the safest mode, most standard amplifiers and basic two-channel receivers are rated for an 8-ohm incoming load. To operate safely and consistently, the amp needs to see an 8 ohm load, and that’s where speaker selectors and impedance-matching volume controls come into play. In a basic multi room system, only a Speaker Selector is used to connect the speakers to the amplifier/receiver. Not only does the Speaker Selector allow you to connect multiple speakers to the amplifier but also adds internal Impedance Protection which is enabled by a manual protection switch. Both our ISS and DSM series Speaker Selectors feature internal Resistors that protect the amplifier. The down side is that the power rating normally 140 watts is cut in half when the protection switch is enabled so rated at 70 watts with protection. In a standard multi-room system (using Impedance Matching VC) you will typically have an amplifier/receiver, a speaker selector with 4 to 8 zones, and volume controls connected to all the speakers. Impedance-matching volume controls provide more precise protection for the amplifier/receiver versus the protection built into the standard speaker selector. Plus with the protection switch in the off position you will have the maximum power handling capability of the respective speaker selector. It is important that the protection switch is turned off when using the Impedance matching Volume Controls. Most impedance-matching volume controls feature three standard settings: 1/2x, 4x and 8x, while some add a 16-ohm setting like our VMS series. These settings correspond to a chart in the owner’s manual based upon the type of amplifier (4 or 8 ohm) and the number of 4 or 8 ohm speakers that you will be using in the multi-zone/room/speaker system. You can use both 4 and 8 ohm speakers when setting up your system. But you need to count a 4 ohm speaker as two 8 ohm speakers when calculating your Impedance setting.

  • Controls the volume in the dedicated room/zone
  • The Wall mounted volume controller works with almost any audio system
  • Low distortion and ruler flat frequency response
  • Three color choices, all installation materials included

  • Additional Information

    Manufacturer OSD Audio
    Model Number OSD-SVC60
    • Rotary Style Impedance Matching Volume Control;
    • 60 Watts Peak; 30 Watts RMS
    • Impedance matching settings: 1/2x, 4x, and 8x. -42dB, 12 step attenuation
    • Removable and solderless 16 gauge speaker “quick connect” terminals
    • Includes metal mounting plate Decora® style insert and knob
    • Kit includes color matched Decora® inserts, Outer plates and Knobs; White, Bone and Ivory
    • Fits in single gang box, depth 2.9“
    • Dimensions (SVC60): 4.125cm W x 6.35cm H x 6.35cm D
    • 5-Yr Warranty
    Condition New