Pass Through Bundle Cable Wall Plate Dual Gang - 1, 5, 10, or 15 Pack

Ideal for home theater and commercial sound applications where multiple cables are to pass through a wall, and not terminated at the plate. Perfect when pre-terminated cables, such as HDMI, component, optical and RCA audio cables are routed through the wall, or when large numbers of cables make termination at the wall plate impractical. Hole diameter is approximately 2 ", and cables are angled at 90°, allowing equipment to be placed close to the wall. Rigid ABS plates are standard dual gang size, include matching screws.

When you're setting up a home theater or a commercial sound system and you want to pass multiple cables through a wall, this pass-through bundle cable wall plate is ideal. This cable pass-through wall plate is designed for HDMI, VGA, fiber optic, component and RCA audio cables that are routed through the wall and are already terminated. A pass-through wall plate is also helpful when you have many cables in one place that makes wall plate termination impractical. The diameter of the hole is approximately 2 inches and the cables are angled at 90 degrees. With this design, you can place equipment close to the wall. The rigid ABS plastic plates are standard dual-gang size. Matching screws are included.

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Model NumberOSD-PTWDouble
  • High impact plastic
  • Bulk cable opening in center
  • Matching screws included
  • Cut-out size: 2.94" wide by 3.88" high
  • Available in White only
  • Pack of 1, 5, 10, or 15
California's Proposition 65
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