70V 60W Commercial Amplifier with 3x Microphone and 3x Source Inputs - PA90

Quick Overview

The PA-90 70V Amp Features Three Choices of Output: 70V, 100V, or 8ohm. It Features 3 Microphone Input Lines & 3 Audio Input Line Connections That Can Be Connected To Signal Sources Such As CD players, Radios, MP3 Players, etc. Each Input Line Has an Input Volume Control. The Unit Includes Overload, Over-Heating & Short-Circuit Protection.


The OSD Audio PA90 Commercial Integrated Pre AMP/ 60 Watt Power Amplifier is the ideal control center for restaurants, meeting halls, schools or other small, commercial venues where multiple microphones and line audio sources are needed. This versatile, powerful and affordable commercial amp features 3 XLR microphone inputs and 3 signal-level inputs, plus front-mounted gain control knobs, master bass, and treble. An upgrade typically found on more expensive commercial amps, the PA90 also features chime and alarm buttons. The chime button temporally mutes the system when pressed, while the alarm mutes the system and rings until the button is released. The PA90's XLR microphone inputs and signal level inputs can be connected to sources like CD players, TV outputs, Smartphones, MP3 players, and the unit even includes a telephone input. The amp's output options (70 Volt, 100 Volt or 8-ohm mono) can also be set up to power 5 to 10 speaker 70V systems. For larger applications, OSD Audio offers the PA150 and PA270 with the high-end options and more power (120 and 240 watts continuous output).

7 Inputs
There is a total of 7 inputs on the rear panel of the PA90 Commercial Amplifier including 3 MIC inputs, 3 AUX inputs, and 1 TEL input with input gain adjustment. The MIC inputs use balanced XLR connectors. Each MIC input has a Line/Mic level DIP switch (Switch 1) and a 24V Phantom Power Supply On/Off DIP switch (Switch 2). The AUX inputs use conventional RCA connectors. The TEL input uses a 3-pin terminal block, which allows you to connect a telephone signal as an input for the PA90.

Overload Protection
The OSD Audio PA90 also has a built-in protect function. When it senses a short circuit, or over-heating, or overload, this function will be automatically switched on, muting the amplifier and the red "PROTECT" LED indicator will illuminate.

Rack Mount Case
The case of the PA90 amp is a 2U rack space style case, allowing you to mount it easily into your existing power racks.

Additional Information

  • Power bandwidth: 55Hz to 15kHz
  • 3x XLR Microphone Inputs
  • 3x Source Inputs
  • 60 watts into 8-ohm output mode with less than 1 percent THD+N
  • 60 watts into 70-volt output mode with less than 1 percent THD+N
  • 60 watts into 100-volts output mode with less than 1percent THD+N
  • Frequency Response: 55Hz to 15kHz, (+0dB, -3.0dB)
  • Signal to Noise ratio:
  • - Mic: better than 55 dB
  • - Line: better than 60 dB
  • - AUX: better than 70 dB
  • - TEL: better than 70 dB
  • Input Sensitivity:
  • - Mic: -50 dB
  • - Line: -20 dB
  • - AUX: -12 dB
  • - TEL: -10 dB
  • Tone Adjustment:
  • - Bass: ±10 dB
  • - Treble: ±10 dB
  • Power Supply: Switchable AC 115/230V, DC 24V
  • AC mains fuse: T2A/250 volts
  • DC mains fuse: T8A/250 volts
  • Dimensions: 19.0" W x 13.3" D x 3.6" H
  • 2U rack space style, Rack mounts included
Condition New
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