Banana Plug Speaker Connectors Premium Pair OSD Audio

A banana plug is mainly used to insert speaker wire coming from an amplifier or receiver directly into the speaker. The banana plug is named after its shape. It is a slender, but bulging prong that is similar to a banana. However, unlike bananas, the bana
Banana plugs offer an easier and more reliable way to connect speaker wire from an amp or receiver to your speakers. The prong is shaped like a banana and it offers a far superior alternative than the old "strip and twist" method of connecting speakers to receivers. OSD Audio banana plugs are sturdy and the gold plating provides a more reliable electrical connection. Other uses for the banana plug is to test electronic equipment - specifically used to terminate patch cords. Note: The banana plug is the male version and the banana jack is referred to the female version of the plug.

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  • Audiophile 24K Gold Plating quality
  • Made of Pure Copper, other cheap products on market are NOT made of PURE copper.
  • Quick disconnect, 5 way with screw compression
  • Titanium Series 4mm Banana Jack
  • Pins are Pure Copper Berilym Springs to create tight fit
  • Accepts 8-14 gauge speaker wire
California's Proposition 65
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