OSD Black Polished Portfolio of Speakers Ready to Shine

CEDIA Expo 2018: OSD Black Polished Portfolio of Speakers Ready to Shine

CEDIA Expo has always been an interesting arena for companies to come and show why they are different from everyone else on the show floor - and while OSD Black could have just let their speakers do the talking, they certainly had one of the most interesting stories to tell.

OSD Black is a new-ish venture from Audio Gear Group - we saw the brand launch a few architectural loudspeakers a few CEDIA Expo's ago- with this year being a full commitment to expanding the brand's portfolio.

Audio Gear Group is in a unique position of being able to distribute a few high-end brands such as Carver, M&K Sound, and Aurum Ultra-High-end cables while still being able to focus on the success of their CI-focused OSD Black brand. Underscored by support from president Dave Chai's successful direct-to-consumer line Outdoor Speaker Depot, OSD Black is removing a handful of pain points a new brand launch may suffer from including lukewarm price points, lacking tech support, and distribution woes. But their ability to maneuver past that helps keep OSD Black on a cadence to be something unique and not another flavor of the month speaker company.

Their offerings included good, better, best models for every variety of in-wall, in-ceiling, outdoor, subwoofers, and everything in between. Most notable was their 234-pound Theatro X11 amplifier. The monstrous amp is ideal for driving an entire 7.2 system by itself, producing 11-channel of 380 watts with less than .01% distortion to any multi-channel configuration imaginable. Of course, OSD Black also offers more traditional rack-ready amplifiers, but it was hard to look away from their newest powerhouse amp.

OSD Black also looked at their in-wall LCR options, adding two models in the T64 and T65. The main difference is some of the materials used (graphite vs. carbon fiber) offering different price points for different needs. The T64 is rated 40 watts (RMS) and 80 watts (peak) while the T65 hits 60 watts (RMS) and 100 watts (peak). The idea was to bring tower speaker performance to an in-wall configuration and they nailed it without breaking the bank. Their super shallow, 6.5-inch in-ceiling R62SS speaker compliments that line by offering high fidelity in an ultra-thin design. It also employs their line of paintable magnetic grills as well as a limited lifetime warranty. The booth also showed off a handful of outdoor equipment that was a step up from their consumer-direct line-up and really showed the spectrum of offerings.

It's clear that OSD Black has a new purpose on the market. Talking with the team at the booth, they explained all the nuances that go into making different offerings for every need without sacrificing quality. Which reflects their unique position to keep offering high-quality cable accessories, outdoor solutions, and a rock-solid distribution as it continues to keep a professional level of quality with competitive price points.

Article reprinted from the Technology Integrator website.

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