10" 500W Dual Woofer Outdoor Rock Subwoofer with Aerospace-grade All Weather Enclosure, Brown or Slate Grey - RSUB300

  • Reflective woofer
  • Dupont® surround
  • 500 Watts
  • 10" reflective woofer and an 8" subwoofer for added richness

    OSD Audio’s RSUB300 is a non-powered outdoor subwoofer that delivers gut-wrenching bass with a whopping 500W of power. This backyard subwoofer may shake a few plants and perhaps some neighbors too but it promises to deliver the kind of bass you’ve been looking for to fill the backyard, patio or pool area with detailed, crisp and heart-pounding low notes. Although it may appear to look like a simple and attractive rock found in any backyard or garden, inside the RSUB300 hides a robust 10” reflective woofer and an 8-inch subwoofer for incredibly realistic bass notes to round out a 2.1 or 5.1 or higher outdoor surround sound system. Designed specifically to provide the best sound in open air environments, the RSUB300 includes a rigid and acoustically inert enclosure with aerospace-grade multi-layer composite cabinetry that protects the outdoor subwoofer from the elements such as rain, snow and high temperatures.

    What Are the Benefits of Adding an Outdoor Subwoofer?

    Adding a subwoofer to a backyard sound system makes a lot of sense and here’s why. If you have outdoor speakers in your patio or backyard, you’re hearing mid and high frequencies and some bass. But outdoor speakers are not designed to handle only low frequencies; that’s a subwoofer’s job. What many people don’t realize, however, is that when you add an outdoor subwoofer, it takes the low-frequency burden off the other speakers. By adding a subwoofer, you’ll not only hear awesome bass, it will optimize your surround systems because those speakers can focus on the sound frequencies for they were designed.

    Protecting Your Outdoor Subwoofer:

    The OSD-RSUB300 is built to last with a rigid and acoustically inert enclosure with aerospace grade material that protects the 10" reflective woofer and 8" woofer; however, we recommend you place the outdoor subwoofer in a shaded area when possible and avoid contact with pool chemicals. In areas with very severe weather, it’s not a bad idea to cover them with a plastic bag so when spring comes and you spark up the barbeque, the music will be ready when you are.


    • Heavy-duty weather-resistant outdoor subwoofer puts bass in the backyard, porch, patio or poolside to complete your outdoor surround sound system
    • Rated at an 500W, includes a 10-inch reflective woofer and an 8-inch subwoofer to crank up powerful low frequency sound effects for backyard sound systems
    • Rock-shaped outdoor subwoofer blends easily in the backyard landscape and is built tough to withstand rain, snow and high temperatures due to the specially coated aerospace-grade multi-layer composite cabinetry
    • Turn your backyard into party central with the best outdoor subwoofer for the price that not only looks incredibly real but does not need to be buried like traditional outdoor subs
    • Enjoy outdoor movies during warm summer months with true surround sound with this all-weather subwoofer that can be purchased in canyon brown or granite grey to match your backyard landscape

    Additional Information

    More Information
    ManufacturerOSD Audio
    • Acoustically Inert Enclosure, Aerospace Grade Multi-layer Composite
    • 10" reflective woofer + 8" woofer
    • 10" Injection molded cone woofer with Dupont® surround
    • Power handling: 500W
    • Frequency Response 20Hz - 150Hz ±6dB
    • Sensitivity 90db
    • 3ft speaker cable included
    • Finishes: Canyon Brown, Granite Grey
    • Unit Dimension: H 12" x W 25" x D 20"
    • Unit Weight: 30 lbs.
    • Wireless: No
    • Powered: No
    • Sold in single
    • 1 year warranty
    California's Proposition 65
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